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Fishing in Alaska is unlike any other experience. It requires good quality gear in order to truly enjoy the climate and rugged conditions. The temperature can range from 35* to 75* so layers are essential.

At Bent Prop Lodge we have a variety of high quality items to use at no extra cost to you. However, your own gear will always be the best fit and most comfortable. It you have it, bring it! 

Under Wader Clothing:

Jeans are uncomfortable under waders. Instead we recommend bringing a mid-weight long underwear  layer as well as a fleece layer. Cotton is not recommended. On warm days the long underwear pants will be sufficient but on chilly days you'll want the fleece layer over top. A set of each will ensure that you're always warm enough. We do NOT provide under wader clothing so this is something you must bring.


Simms Gore-Tex (stocking foot) waders are highly recommended. They are breathable and made from high quality materials that outlast the elements. 

Wading Shoes:

Stocking foot waders with quality RUBBER SOLE wading shoes is the way to go. Felt sole wading shoes were outlawed in AK in 2012. STUDDED SOLE shoes are not permitted. They cause damage to the walkways, docks, floats and airplane interiors. For safety you are encouraged to wear a wading belt and use a wading staff.

Rain Gear:

A rain jacket is one of the most important items you can bring. Gore-Tex jackets are best for these conditions. They will keep you dry but still breathe even in the worst conditions. Simms and Patagonia are both great brands for rain gear.


A 9-9.5 ft (5 or 6 weight) and 9-9.5 ft (7 or 8 weight) for larger rivers.


You'll want a high quality reel with a strong drag. You'll need at least 150 yards of backing.


A weight forward, floating line is the most commonly used line. It's also nice to have an extra spool with a sinking tip line for the 7 or 8 weight rod. 


We provide flies that have been made specifically for these rivers. They are included in your package but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer. 

Polarized Sunglasses:

These are not essential but are very nice to have. It helps with spotting fish and we have found that brown and amber colored lenses work best. They also provide an element of safety when casting.

Luggage and Personal Items:

You will be spending most of your time in waders. While we relax in the evenings it is casual so please pack accordingly. The best type of luggage is a duffel bag. They are flexible and pack easily into the airplane. Hard sided bags are much harder to fit. 


Due to our remote location laundry is only available upon emergencies. 

In Conclusion: 

At Bent Prop Lodge we do our very best to ensure that each guest has the trip of a lifetime. Your comfort and safety are our priority. You are by no means required to purchase the equipment listed above. Other than under wader clothing and sunglasses we have a variety of sizes in the items above and do our best to get everyone the best fit possible. These items are what we have found to work best over the years for our specific fishing conditions. If you have ANY further questions or concerns, don't hesitate to give us a call at (907)317-5057. We are always happy to chat!

What to Bring

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